Envirofly Consulting is a 'strategic and sustainable solutions' company with capacity building and knowledge transfer at the core of its business.

With several international overseas companies/bodies now interested in the growing African market and African institutions needing to expand their business into international waters, Envirofly Consulting gladly positions itself as the bridge between the two worlds. Read more »

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Environment/Sustainability »

We utilise global best practices in providing consultancy services for private and public enterprises to facilitate the achievement their social and environmental sustainability goals. Our value stream is positioned to deliver superior service through the cutting edge professional competences and capabilities.
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Education and Training »

Envirofly recruits openly for a wide range of overseas institutions across a wide range of subject matters and courses. However, while we are involved in traditional recruitments for our clients like normal agents do, our main focus is on non-traditional recruitment models that are more sustainable and result-oriented.
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Oil & Gas/ Minerals »

The oil, gas and minerals industry in the African continent is fast becoming a point of reference with several countries hitting oil and developing their natural resources. Interestingly, there is a lot of interest from the international community in Africa's rich natural resources and therefore there is a basis for synergies in both markets. Read more »

Telecommunication/ Technology »

As one of the fastest growing industry areas in the world and particularly in Africa, the telecommunication and technology industry market place is of particular relevance to the way businesses are conducted and services delivered. Our consulting competences are in the development of market-driven projects, programmes and initiatives Read more »


We are able to cut your overall cost of an African business entry for overseas firms or an overseas expansion plan for African firms, substantially.

We are able to reduce the time and resources needed to establish the understanding and links to develop your business in Africa or overseas.

We are able to give you better insights to the feasibility of doing business in Africa or overseas and how to go about it.

We take away the risks associated with security, reputational damage and unfamiliarity of the African business environment for overseas organisations and simplify the complexities or challenges of doing business overseas for African organisations.

We have a team of credible and experienced in-country consultants, advisers and experts in different industries in different African countries and an extensive network of consultants, advisers and experts in different overseas countries especially in Europe, US and Asia.

We have established partnerships with very many reputable organisations in Europe who have not only used our service for the preliminary introduction of their business but to increase their visibility in Africa.

We have equally helped established partnerships with very many reputable organisations in Africa who have enjoyed a good expansion strategy, international access to overseas partners and technical expertise, international certifications to mention but a few.