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Environment & Sustainability

We utilise global best practices in providing consultancy services for private and public enterprises to facilitate the achievement their social and environmental sustainability goals. See More

Education & Training

Envirofly has the provision of training or the provision of a veritable platform for training at the core of its education business. See More

Oil & Gas / Minerals

Envirofly specialises in the development of local content strategies, local content plans and programmes, contracting and procurement strategies in the oil and gas industry See More

Telecommunication & Technology

We help overseas telecommunication and technology-oriented firms to establish what African industries, organisations and target persons would need their technologies and how to reach them.See More

Fast Moving Consumers Goods

We therefore specialise in developing feasibility studies, business plans, strategic market entry plans, sustainable sales and marketing strategies, policy advice etc for overseas companies interested in the African FMCG market space. See More

Creative Media & Marketing

Working with our media partners, we specialise in the development of globally relevant media content and strategic partnerships overseas to deliver on a range of creative media portfolios. See More

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