Whether you are in employment or you run your own business or enterprise, there is need to understand professional sustainability and this is particularly important now in an era with constant changes and economic disruptions.

Have you done a job for a long time and you know you need more? Are you convinced of what you need to do professionally but you do not know how to actually start? Are you running a business and you struggle to grow it? Do you appreciate the importance of research and increasing your professional knowledge so that you can stay relevant in a changing professional world? These are questions that this course carefully answers.

There are many people who struggle to cope with social and environmental pressures that affect their professional lives. There are others that even struggle more especially now with the disruptions that COVID-19 has caused across different economic sectors globally. How can you develop new and enhanced skills to cope with the new professional world and grow your career? How can you make up for lost time and align your skills with the Industrial Revolution (IR) 4.0 era? This course has been designed for you.

  • Learn how to investigate and understand the challenges and opportunities in your career space through research.
  • Learn how to jump-start an idea, a concept or a vision no matter how small in business or your profession.
  • Understand the need for continuing education and how to enhance your knowledge in order to stay professionally relevant in this new era.
  • Appreciate the significance of anticipating and preparing for the impact of societal and environmental pressures on your career especially since COVID-19.
  • Learn how to grow your business and professional space using practical steps, career-tested models of career growth and sustainability.

  • This course is designed for graduates and professionals wanting increase their professional competency skills in the new era.
  • This course is designed for SME owners, entrepreneurs and corporate executives wanting to re-align themselves with skills and competencies to grow and take advantage of the new professional world.

How to Participate

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  • Complete all modules to earn a Certificate


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