The ultimate intention of studying at university is to either get a job or start a company and live a valuable (and valued) life after graduation. But if there is little focus on how to do that while still at university, don’t you think we have a problem?

Most Universities have student support services, careers department and centres for entrepreneurship but these units are sometimes understaffed, lacking capacity and skills to support students career development and progression. Others mandate that students must take specific career courses but these programmes are theoretical and lacking strategic engagement and alignment with industry.

Even though most students rely on their career departments and student support services unit to increase student employability, what if these departments lack full fundamental’s knowledge and models to support the career development for students. This course therefore reveals incredibly practical steps, exercises and knowledge on how a student or professional can start developing relevant career skills to fit into their industry especially in the new era.

  • Understand the concept of time management and time resource and how to invest time in building content, skills and capacity to grow a great career.
  • Be exposed to ways of increasing the content of their Curriculum Vitae and personal development to be able to function better in the workplace, attract and guarantee career promotion.
  • Learn how to grow their passion, hobbies and interest into formidable and successful career or at least so that they have a clear alternative to your current career direction due to your studies.
  • Discover how to learn outside the box and be resourceful in using available opportunities to enhance the knowledge and skills needed for your career growth.
  • Tap into the practical benefits of volunteering to be able to upgrade your work and industry experiences needed for career growth and development

  • This course is designed for students, graduates and professionals wanting a boost in their career path.
  • This course is designed for anyone who wants to re-invent themselves and grow a new career.
  • This course is for anyone who is confused or frustrated about their current career growth and wants an injection of clarity and direction

How to Participate

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  • Complete all modules to earn a Certificate


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