Are you a struggling school owner, proprietor, a lecturer, an administrator or educator and you want to increase your impact on the students you teach or teachers you manage? Are you struggling to grow your school, faculty and education or training business and impact especially in a COVID-era?

How much do you understand giving education as an enterprise activity for sustainability? Is education a product or a service? Who is the actual customer of education for an educator, a teacher, a lecturer or a proprietor?

Internationalization of education is the biggest term in use in the international education circles. In a global village like the world is today, internationalization of education is a crucial engine that drives international competitiveness and ultimately economic and social revolutions. To understand strategic education enterprise management, you need to understand that there are ten dimensions of internationalization of education which you need to develop and they include – international students; international staff; international partners and associates; international funding and business; international programmes and projects; international processes and systems; international presence and communication; international outlook and vision; international research and impact and international employability and competitive advantage.

  • Learn how to developing an internationalization of education agenda for your school or education enterprise for increased impact.
  • Learn about how to developing your brand, profile and relevance both nationally and internationally and establish international partnership with reputable institutions for success and impact.
  • Increase your extensive independent revenue generation streams for the schools or institutions and the successful sourcing, application and winning of international research grants and funding.
  • Appreciate how to Increase your interaction and engagement with the private sector and governance for sustainable and impactful applied-focused education and training.
  • Be exposed to the ten dimensions of internationalization of education and learn how to develop and enhance them for your enterprise impact and sustainability in a global era.

  • This course is designed for teachers, educators, trainers, lecturers or administrators of educational institutions.
  • This course is designed for any educator who wants to re-invent themselves and leverage on available resources from strategic partnerships with relevant individuals and organisations.

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