Have you ever wondered why you are doing a job you don’t enjoy but you regard what you love doing as just a hobby? Do you wonder why there is tension between what you do for a job and what you enjoy doing? Do you know who you are personally or are supposed to be professionally? And do you want to know how the two dimensions can work together nicely? This is the course for you.

A practical and certified career course that introduces you to the foundations of career planning where you learn how to understand yourself and align your natural gift with your acquired knowledge and skills in order to succeed. Learn about the Career DEED Pathway, the Career Code Framework and other interesting concepts and knowledge that positions you in this new era. A career guide, a parent and teachers’ protocol and a mentor’s manual, get practical exercises to help yourself and to support others (children, family and friends) in this compelling certified career course that is a foundation to begin with.

  • Get career clarity, life-changing information for personal and professional growth and a certified UK CPD Certificate.
  • Understand the impactful Career DEED Pathway and activate your self-DISCOVERY, self-EMPOWERMENT, self-ENHANCEMENT and self-DISTRIBUTION
  • Activate your career growth with an alignment with the Five Career Code Framework - Who you are; What you know; What you do; Who you know and What you have.
  • Understand the three Career E-Routes (Employment, Enterprise and Education) and learn how to integrate them for a sustainable career.
  • Learn practical and cost effective models of supporting career development, enterprise and employability and professional development for competitive advantage.
  • Take part in practical exercises that increases your confidence as you plan for a great career

  • This course is designed for students, graduates and professionals wanting a boost in their career path.
  • This course is designed for anyone who wants to re-invent themselves and grow a new career.
  • This course is for anyone who is confused or frustrated about their current career growth and wants an injection of clarity and direction.

How to Participate

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  • You will get an email confirming your registration plus further instructions.
  • Complete all modules to earn a Certificate


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