8 Ways to Maximise Local Content in the Extractive Industry – A Snapshot

Local Content initiatives vary depending on whether the company in question is an International Oil Company (IOC), a National Oil Company (NOC) or an International Contractors/Service Company. More so, this variance is further expanded by regional peculiarities, national priorities and company-specific business objectives. In the last ten years or more, Local Content has been principally […]

Local Content in the Extractive Industry……Who Cares?

Local Content is a complex word and its use has increased substantially in the last few years especially in the extractive industry. While the challenges and expectations of local content are huge, there is limited expertise in understanding the subject matter and appropriating its benefits and this poses a challenge to international firms trying to […]

Why local content in Africa’s extractive sector won’t work without home grown human capital

For over 30 years many African countries have been exploring their natural resources, whether oil, gas or minerals. In the last ten years many more have joined the natural resource exploitation club. Many have also witnessed economic growth and development. Significant investments have been poured into the development and growth of the extractive industry on […]