Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

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Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

At Envirofly Consulting Group, we are committed to a sustainable world with emphasis on care for our employees, communities, clients and the environment. Some of the CSR initiatives we have developed includes:

  • Academia for Green Africa (AFGA) »
  • Renewable Energy and Climate Change Initiative (RECCI)»

Envirofly Consulting Group is also proudly associated with Xn Foundation International, a charity organisation registered in the United Kingdom and Canada with a mission to empower the Nigerian Youth through innovative capacity building programmes.

The charity organisation has organised and hosted the largest International Conference of Nigerian Students (ICONS) yearly for the last seven years and has helped affect the lives of Nigerian students in the Diaspora positively.

To read more about Xn Foundation, its programmes and projects, check out the official website –

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