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Envirofly considers education provision as an innovative product requiring re-design, transformation, re-engineering to be able to deliver on the specific demands and needs of our clients.

We have ositioned ourselves to rovide educational services in the following areas…

Envirofly recruits openly for a wide range of overseas institutions across a wide range of subject matters and courses. However, while we are involved in traditional recruitments for our clients like normal agents do, our main focus is on non-traditional recruitment models that are more sustainable and result-oriented. This we achieve through the establishment of strategic partnerships between overseas and local institutions and bodies.

Business Development & Strategy
Under our business development portfolio, we are able to develop the business end of our clientele who are academic institutions, governmental and non-governmental bodies, corporate bodies etc all requiring educational/training services and support for better market capture. These we do through a wide range of business models that have been proven and tested. To find out about our effective business models, contact us.

Scholarship & Fund Management
The administration of local scholarships for overseas studies can be laborious, expensive and logistic-oriented especially when not properly managed. Our research shows that many of the scholarships sponsored by some African Government bodies and establishments have fallen short of the overall objectives of capacity building. Under Envirofly’s scholarship management portfolio, the following benefits are achieved:

  • Negotiation for reduction of tuition fees because of the bulk student placements in partnering Universities. Efficient cost savings and potential to fund more students with the same scholarship budget.
  • Easy administration of student’s applications and admissions.
  • Ease of disbursement of Scholarship funds for tuition to partnering universities.
  • Ease of monitoring of students academic progress and achievements with partnering universities’ support framework.
  • Negotiation for student work placements for scholars after studies for experience.
  • With partnerships in place, there is opportunity for more capacity building initiatives not covered within the scholarship budget with support from partnering universities

Training & Development
Envirofly has the provision of training or the provision of a veritable platform for training at the core of its education business. HR functions in Africa develop and strategise on a training budget, training plan, capacity building and knowledge transfer schemes needed to improve and develop the human capacity of their establishments towards better and more sustainable business delivery and performance. Envirofly prides itself in being able to help manage training and capacity building for establishments in a more sustainable and cost effective way. Flexylearn is the training outfit of Envirofly. These it does through strategic partnerships with international training providers. For further details on our training offerings, visit;

Research and Development
Envirofly prides itself in being able to provide a platform both for research, innovation and development. Our research and development portfolio is driven through the organisation of strategic research-driven partnerships, international conferences, seminars, workshops and stakeholder fora and the facilitation of publications of strong and qualitative educational content.