Below is a list and the profile of our consultants in our various business areas. Click on their names to see their full profile.

Principal Consultant; AKANIMO ODON (PhD)

Dr. Akanimo Odon is an international business and strategy development expert who has gained experience working in several capacities to several global and international bodies. He specialises in Education/Training, Environment, Oil and Gas, Media, General Retails and Charity Organisations. He was an Adviser to the British Government on developing international education policies under the National Student Forum, International Ambassador for Lancaster University for three years (2005 – 2007), Education Partnership Consultant for British Council, Nigeria for three years, Management Consultant for Stanford University under the Round-table for Entrepreneurship Education (2007), Sustainable Business Development Consultant for the Grow Creative Scheme under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for two years, Strategy Development Consultant for several UK and Nigerian Universities. He has a Masters Degree in Environmental Rehabilitation from the University of Wales UK and a Doctorate Degree in Environmental Management and Strategy from Lancaster University. Recently, he was appointed the African Business Development Executive for Lancaster Environment Centre, one of the most reputable Environmental Centres in Europe with over 24 environmental firms resident in its facility. This role has involved him developing educational and environmental business development strategies and links in Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Mali, Gambia, South Africa and Benin Republic.

Dr. Odon also holds enterprise and business development certifications from Judge Business School of Cambridge University, UK and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) under the Enterprisers Programme and an International Business Fellowship Award from Stanford University Business School, USA under the Roundtable for Entrepreneurship Education (REE).

For two years, Akanimo was the National/Local Content Adviser for one of the world largest Oil and Gas firms (BG Group, UK) and provided strategy, policy development and market entry for their Nigerian operations. He developed local content strategies for their Brazil, Tunisia, Egypt, and Trinidad and Tobego operations as well. Afterwards, he was appointed an International Local Content Development Associate for Local Content Solutions UK, one of Europe’s most reputable Local Content Development firms ( He has also worked as an Environment and Partnership Consultant for the National Centre for Energy and Environment under the Energy Commission of the Presidency, Nigeria and Principal Training Consultant for the Nigerian President’s Amnesty Training Programme.

Currently, Akanimo is the Principal Consultant/CEO of Envirofly Consulting Limited UK ( which is a strategic and sustainable solutions company with expertise in bridging the competence gaps between Africa and the rest of the world using different well researched capacity building and knowledge transfer models. They specialise in bringing an international dimension to African businesses for growth and development driven by in-depth strategy. With an extensive partnership network with over 40 overseas academic institutions and over 35 environmental, oil and gas and media bodies and corporate businesses in Europe and the US, Envirofly, brings a wealth of expertise to any of its educational, oil and gas, business or environmental projects and programmes. He has worked with some reputable bodies with regards their African-UK business entry and capture including Google, Del York International/New York Film Academy, Wales Assembly Government Screen Council, Study Group UK, MTN, Sochitel Group, to mention but a few.

Dr. Odon is also the Founder of Xn Foundation (, a UK, Canada and Nigerian based NGO, and currently the UK Country Director (voluntary) of the same and has helped develop several charitable projects aimed at youth, community and national development including the International Conference of Nigerian Students (ICONS), which he has hosted for six years running. He is also the Founder of the Academia for Green Africa Initiative and recently founded the African Environmental Perspectives of which Volume 1 was edited, compiled by him and published by Author House UK and is available on Amazon.

He writes leisurely and has written two literary works (Rhymes from the Heart – A Book of Poetry and A Parallel Trail – A Novel both available on Amazon).

He currently lives in Lancaster, UK, where he is married to Ifeyinwa and they both have a daughter, Kaela and a son, Kanaan. He plays the bongo drums and football.

Lead Consultant, Education; AKIN ALAMU

Akin Alamu is a graduate of Education and Communication Arts. He has a Master’s degree in Education Evaluation and Curriculum Development. Akin has been in active practice in education related business for 18 years running, with wide experience from teaching, administration, and execution of different education projects.

Over the years, he has worked very closely with all stakeholders in education in Nigeria. This includes students (privileged and underprivileged), parents, teachers, ministries of education, school proprietors, and publishers. He has taught the British, Nigerian and International Baccalaureate curricula during his teaching career. Until March 2008, Akin was the Education UK Partnership Manager of the British Council, Nigeria.

Between 2000 and 2003, he successfully worked on a philanthropic education project in a public primary school with the assistance of a VSO volunteer who joined him on the project in 2001. At different times, he had worked with students, parents and teachers (expatriate and local) of different backgrounds and orientation both in the cities and villages in Nigeria. Akin knows the Nigerian education system/market and the psychology of the stakeholders very well. To coordinate and implement the programme he had led on, he networked with colleagues in Abuja, Kano, Port Harcourt, Lagos, UK and other countries where British Council has a presence.

Akin Alamu enjoys spending his spare time reading motivational books and playing with his family.

Lead Consultant, Logistics; ABIGEAL OYEWOBI

Abigeal is an administrative and education and training logistics expert who has developed extensive skills working in several portfolios both managerial and operational. She was Group Head for commercial marketing for Mayfield Mortgage Bank, branch customer service manager for Tiny Call Nigeria, a telecoms company and provided marketing strategy for expanding the in-country capture of its parent company based in Australia, as well as working in several administrative roles for a range of companies including an educational outfit and a training establishment.

She is a certified entrepreneur with certifications from the Entreprenuership Development Centre under the Central Bank of Nigeria, a chartered marketer of the Nigerian Institute of Management and holds a first degree in Economics and Rural Development.

Lead Consultant, FMCGs; SAMMY AJAYI

Samuel Ajayi earned his MBA with a specialization in supply chain management and marketing from the University of Georgia, USA. He is a supply chain and cost reduction consultant with many years of subject matter expertise in the US and Nigeria. Mr. Ajayi has assisted numerous FCMG companies to plan and manage activities involved in sourcing and procurement, conversion, and coordination with channel partners vis-a-vis suppliers, intermediaries, third party service providers, and customers.

He has the following expertise:

Process Improvement: Optimizing the core supply chain activities of FCMG companies using inventory management and demand forecasting methodologies. These improvements reduce bottlenecks caused by under-utilization of strategic assets and help to put projects on schedule and within budget.

Cost Management: Using in-depth knowledge of decision phases in supply chain to reduce overall costs across the supply chain. Other specialties include: Managing uncertainty in demand forecasting to reduce inventory holding and transportation costs and increase supply chain profitability.

Strategic Planning and Budgeting: Using Lean Six Sigma to assist FMCG companies to drastically improve their bottom-line by enhancing their processes and quality of output. Using business methodologies and statistical process control to develop effective budget and strategy to reduce downtime of loading, transportation and delivery.

Mr. Ajayi currently delivers supply chain and growth consultancy to various businesses to optimize their operations in the area of: inventory management, demand forecasting, new retail expansion, strategic sourcing, purchasing and planning supply and demand.

When Mr. Ajayi is not working, he enjoys traveling and visiting new cities. He also writes poetry and short stories and loves spending quality time with his family.

Lead Consultant, Telecommunication & Technology; ANIETIE UDOFIA

Anietie Udofia is Chairman of the Board, Aimlight Inc; and Managing Partner of Sustainable Technology (S-Tech) Integration and Consulting. Anietie is an internationally recognized leader in Sustainable Development, Green Energy, Digital Media, Information Systems Security, Surveillance & Notification, and Command & Control Center Operations. He is responsible for customer acquisition, strategic vision, sales and marketing, program and operations management.

He also serves as a Executive Director of ImaAbasi International, a Nigeria registered and US certified 501c3 nonprofit providing primary health services; malaria control and prevention; green literacy, technical and computer education, and micro-finance and entrepreneurial development programs, with focus women and youth.

Previously, Anietie served as CEO of Savoir Technology, an Atlanta, Georgia startup where he led sales, research and development, and technology teams while growing the company revenues over 600% before acquisition in 2005. Anietie has over 25 years of management experience with industry leaders such as Cisco Systems, Department of Energy, Goodyear Tire & Rubber, IBM, and Hewlett-Packard.

Additionally, Mr. Udofia founded and chairs the Green Durham Roundtable; a regional Clean and Green and technology coalition focused on health, workforce, environmental, and economic development programs and initiatives. Anietie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics and Operations Research and studied at Cornell University.

Director, Business & Finance; TONNY AGGREH

Tony is a business development and financial management expert with an outlay of competence within his portfolio. Having worked in various capacities with the top banking establishments in Nigeria including Chattered Bank Plc, IBTC Chattered Bank Plc, Access Bank Plc and Guarantee Bank Plc, he had developed strong business and financial management capacity. This capacity has enabled him grow the business portfolio of several large establishments.

With training certifications in foreign and international trade and transactions, leadership and communications, credit management and analysis and a host of other certifications, his leverage is invaluable.

He specializes in the domestication of high value chain supply systems: Local Content strategies, local & international sourcing and business incubation.

Lead Consultant, Creative Media & Marketing; HANSEN OHEN

Mr. Hanson Ohen has over thirteen years experience in Business Development/Client Service, Human Resources Management, Events and Media. He has worked with Shell Petroleum Development Company, Nigeria, Benot Oil and Gas Services Company, United Nations Development Programme, Nigeria, and Prex Holdings.

He has been involved in Conceptualisation, Developing, Implementing and Evaluating several projects for Social mobilisation. He also has been involved in product development for some Finance houses, Children’s products companies and Reputation Management. His specialty is in the areas of Integrated Marketing Communication and Human Resource Management.

Mr. Ohen has his first degree in Agric from the University of Benin and an MBA from the Delta State University, Abraka.

He likes reading motivational books, jazz music and public speaking.

Lead Consultant, Environment/Sustainability; UCHE OKERE (PhD)

Dr Uchechukwu Okere has a PhD in environmental Science from Lancaster University, UK. His PhD research focused on the biological assessment of contaminated land and the development of remediation technologies for contaminated soils from different climatic regions of the world. He has authored research papers which have been published in leading international peer reviewed journals.

He is also an associate member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) and a member of the Chartered Institute of Waste Management (CIWM). As a result, he has developed expertise in wider environmental and sustainable development issues with particular interest in Environmental Management Systems (EMS), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), waste and resource management and international environmental policy.

He is currently an EIA and EMS lecturer at a UK University and works to develop continuous educational and business linkages between UK and African Institutions and governments.

He makes his home in the UK with his wife and young son.

Associate, Oil & Gas/Minerals; MICHAEL WARNER

Dr. Michael Warner is an associate of Envirofly Group with specialization in Local Content Development and Procurement. Dr Warner has 20 years experience aligning business strategy with the socio-economic priorities of host countries.

He is the architect of BG Group’s policy and procurement-based procedures for Local Content management, and the Groups risk-based approach to supply chain sustainability. He was Co-ordinator for the Oil, Gas and Mining Secretariat of the World Bank programme on Business Partners for Development, and Research Fellow with the Overseas Development Institute managing the Business and Development programme.

He has worked in Europe, Africa, Central and S.E Asia, the Middle East and Latin America, and on assignments for BP, Shell, BG, World Bank, IFC, DFID, UNDP, FAO, WEF, Anglo American, Alcan, AMEC, Balfour Beatty, Sodexho and others.