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Graduate Code Online Courses


‘In every professional is a student wanting to learn and in every student is a professional waiting to earn – the graduate code ties both realms together’.

This course is based on the book titled ‘The Graduate Code’ and its audience are students, graduates and young professionals. It is a non-fiction guide/motivational/educational book. Even though it was written with the African market in mind, it’s framing can help most students to plan for their careers and help most young professionals to enhance theirs.

The book is made up of three main parts each containing several chapters. Each chapter is made up of three sub-sections: a summary of the tenets (i.e. the main messages) for that chapter, an in-depth code narrative and finally some practical exercises and activities with a space for readers to respond in the book as they attempt to plan their careers. It is written in an easy-to-read conversational style with perspectives and case studies from the author’s experiences and those of friends and associates.

CPD Certificate in Strategic Education Enterprise Management (SEEM)

This course is for struggling school owner, proprietor, lecturers, school administrators or educator who want to increase their impact on the students they teach or teachers they manage?

CPD Certificate in Strategic International Partnership Development (SIPD)

This is an enhanced CPD Certificate programme that focuses on building strategic international partnerships which exposes you to the models of connecting with the right people for career success.

CPD Certificate in Careers Skills Competence

This course therefore reveals incredibly practical steps, exercises and hands-on knowledge on how a student or professional can start developing relevant career skills to fit into their industry especially in the new era.

CPD Foundation Certificate in Personal and Professional Development

A practical and certified career course that introduces you to the foundations of career planning where you learn how to understand yourself and align your natural gift with your acquired knowledge and skills in order to succeed.

CPD Advanced Certificate in Business and Professional Skills Competency

Whether you are in employment or you run your own business or enterprise, there is need to understand professional sustainability and this is particularly important now in an era with constant changes and economic disruptions.