RECIRCULATE is a 7 million pounds project sponsored by the UK Government Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF). The project supports new partnership-based approaches to enable African researchers to grow transformational impact through working with, in and for their communities and developing robust, durable and equitable partnerships with UK researchers.

GCRF is a 5-year £1.5Billion fund and a key component in the delivery of the UK Aid Strategy: tackling global challenges in the national interest. RECIRCULATE is one of 37 projects funded under a call entitled Growing research capability to meet the challenges faced by developing countries which began in October 2017.

Envirofly Consulting UK Limited is the Africa engagement and partnership management consultancy for the RECIRCULATE Project. It is also responsible for the coordination and facilitation of all the RECIRCULATE Workshops and Seminars.

Solution focused research
The project will deliver innovative solutions to pressing problems with water use and safety. RECIRCULATE will “join up” the different ways in which water sustains communities, from sewage disposal to energy generation and water used in food production.

Interdisciplinary co-designed research
Solving these problems demands new approaches to research, and how research is translated to meet the needs of communities across Africa. Recirculate combines excellence in scientific research (environmental science, crop science, engineering, microbiology), social science and management research (entrepreneurial learning and knowledge exchange).

Across partners and across disciplines, and working with business and other research users, we will co-design research to deliver appropriate solutions for Africa, building on cutting-edge solutions to addressing the global challenges around safe and sustainable water use.

Capacity building
RECIRCULATE includes a very substantial training element, including focused training events in Africa and 4-8 week “residences” at Lancaster University